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Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
Which Rookie league is our high rookie league - Bristol or Great Falls?
Are these leagues literally only for rookies?
Great Falls is considered to be a step above Bristol. If you notice, most of our guys there came out of college. The players in Bristol tend to be more of the high school and promoted Dominican Summer League variety. Most of the guys in both places tend to be in their first year or are rehab projects, but there's no rule that say that they have to be rookies.

Originally Posted by Tragg View Post
He's great. Love his posts. There was another guy who used to post a ton on the minor leagues up to maybe 4 years ago - forget his name - he was great too.

Question for rdivaldi - what's the the reason that Addison Reed, for being such a top prospect that he was, was penciled in as a career reliever and no consideration is given to him as a starter?
Thanks for the props, I'm always happy to contribute to the discussion whenever possible. I'm not able to see much minor league ball (in person at least) anymore, but I try to read scouting reports and watch video as much as possible.

Addison was the closer at San Diego State for two years before spending his final year as a starter. But the Aztecs had this guy named Strasburg (or something like that) who overshadowed him. To his credit, he was a very effective starter that one year and was considered the ace of the staff after Strasburg left. But his velocity as a starter sat in the 89-92 range and there were some concerns about his mechanics in the long run. Thus, he lasted until the third round as the 95th pick overall.

It's great how we were able to score such superb talent in he and Sale in 2010. If Petricka were to somehow harness his talent we'd have quite the rounds 1-3 for that year.
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