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Originally Posted by rdivaldi View Post
The lesson learned from Poreda and all other Barons pitchers is that the radar gun in Birmingham is juiced. Basically you subtract 3/4 mph from any scouting report coming out of there. Speaking of Aaron, I still have no idea what happened to his control. He hasn't been able to throw a strike in years.

As for the bolded names Mitchell is the closest to being ready for the big leagues, but he still needs 2013 in the minors and then a September call-up. The rest of those guys are 2,3,4 years off.
Doesn't speak well for minor-league scouting reports in general, does it? Aaron Poreda, Felix Diaz, Arnie Munoz, Jeff Marquez, Zach Stewart..... Mercy!

(Exception: Bobby Jenks in 2005. He threw 98-102 mph with a wicked hammer in AA....and then did same when he came up to the majors. Strangest thing. Big man must have gotten a hold of some Hoover Met cryptonite).

And to be fair, RD..... you have to subtract 1-2 mph pretty much from any gun reading, whether TV or stadium, to get some sembblance of realistic, old-school speed. I bet if Sam McDowell, Dalcowski or young Nolan Ryan pitched for some of those newer FOX/ESPN guns, they'd be hitting 105 mph. The Kansis City one maybe the worst -- it had Chris Sale at like 100-101 mph and old broken down Scott Linebrink at 98 mph back in 2010 IIRC. Hilarz.

So anyway. De Aza emergence & Rios rejuvenation in 2012 certainly affords the Sox the luxury to be more patient with OF Mitchell, Thompson, et al. More conservative. Wasn't Mitchell like a part-time football player in college? I know he lost a year to a leg injury, as well....

As long there is no Borchard redux with those guys, I'll take your word for it. Big lesson for me as far as the difference between college/minors and the Bigs. I mean, the minor league stats were impressive. But Joe Borchard's brain just wasn't wired for big-league baseball -- he seemed to do everything at football speed. Way too cerebral & self-conscious for the majors from what I saw. Very Ivy League temperament. Unfortunately, in big league baseball, there is NO time to *think*; it's all about pure lightening-quick reflexes, fast-twitch, crazy hand-eye coordination.

That's how little Paul Molitor or Ichiro can stand next to a football stud or scout-combine monster like Borchard and you think they don't deserve to be on the same diamond as him. But then the actual game starts --- and it's the other way around! Ah baseballl....nothing quite like it.
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