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Originally Posted by doublem23 View Post
Yeah but you also can't really offer them any real money past the 10th round, either, right?

I would assume the savings they're trying to get from rounds 6-10 are aimed more at their earlier picks.
I believe in the specific case of the Jays they were saving money to try and buy Smoral out of his NC commitment.

OTOH, some teams did save money to entice draft picks in rounds 11+. Each team is allowed to spend up to $100K on each draft pick after round 10, without penalty. So, if they saved $300K on the first 10 rounds they could then offer $400K to an 11th round pick without any tax or loss of draft picks and if the kid still turned it down the money wouldn't be pulled from their pool. Now if they would have made the same offer in the 9th round the cost would've been to reduce their entire pool by $400K or if he didn't sign then the slot amount for that pick would've been deducted from their allotted amount.
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