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Originally Posted by Harry Chappas View Post
Is it just me or does it seem like the Sox are drafting more position players this year?
While they've taken position players high before (Beckham, Morel, Jordan Danks, Mitchell) their MO after the first few rounds seems to have been to stockpile arms in case someone pans out...that's not really happening here. I think the progress of Sale, the long-term security of Danks as well as the emergence of some young guys in the pen give us that luxury (although you can never have too much pitching).

I know you don't really draft for need, but Tank will be a fixture in the OF for awhile as will hopefully Hawkins, and possibly Mitchell or Danks, so we are pretty good there. Beckham is the future at 2B and Alexei is still pretty young.

Konerko is an obvious huge hole to fill on the horizon, as is third base (unless Morel starts hitting). As of now, the Sox look to be in fairly descent shape 4, 5 years from now, albeit that's making huge assumptions on players developing going forward. That allows them a bit more flexibility in their drafting.

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