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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
It is a very good point. I think the only reason people like me who follow the prospect side pretty heavily get upset is this approach has not been working. I said it in another thread, but with minor league systems, until you have a proven track record, you don't have one. The Sox with the more signable approach have been really weak over the years. Hopefully they turn it around.

As always, I very much hope Keon proves me wrong. But its tough to pass on a player with 2 plus pitches, one that is plus plus, with such a great pitching body like Smorel to reach on Keon. Hopefully the Sox know something we don't.
On this point, we're in complete agreement. The Sox need to establish their credentials before anyone should give them the benefit of the doubt. That said, it does seem like their philosophy has changed a bit and they seem to be focusing on the higher-upside "toolsy" players rather than playing it ultra-safe with low-ceiling collegiate pitchers. We'll see if any of these guys (Walker, Mitchell, Thompson, and now Hawkins and Barnum) pan out...
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