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Originally Posted by Domeshot17 View Post
Anything can happen with prospects, but lets not fool ourselves. Those player comparisons and those guys know NOTHING about prospects. The guys on the big board and top available are the ones that do. Harold Reynolds is the MLBTV version of Chris Berman.

Ryan Howard came into the draft at 40 OBP 70 Power, Keon is a 30-60. Keon does play better defense, but it isn't like that is a game changer for 1st round 1st base talent.

The actual player comparisons they use on the screen, they compared a guy who hit 7 home runs in high school to Juan Pierre. That is how much of a joke those are.

If you want to admit Keon was picked to give them more financial flexibility for Hawkins, I can live with that. But Keon was picked with the White Sox strategy of taking guys a round or 2 early and signing them at slot or less and not a round late and paying over slot.

Still the top prep 1B.
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