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I hope Kenny's changes his ways as well.

I don't have an inherent problem with either the big market or rebuilding approach, but it sure seems that the Sox have halfheartedly doing either.

If you're going to be a big market team spending a top 5 payroll, then they should really go out and get good players. Sadly Jerry seems to keep just enough a rein on payroll at those times so Kenny is forced to pick up reclamation projects, and hopeful players that rarely pan out. And then he has to take huge risks on midseason additions when they don't work out...

Aside from the "All In" spending to acquire the remaining parts of the 2011 team, this was the Sox' primary plan since 2005.

And if you're going to rebuild, then invest in the draft and international FAs, and stop being in lockstep with Bud's caps and the "signability" nonsense that caused our system to turn into the worst in the majors. I can only hope that the next two years are about shedding contracts and rebuilding the system and not another smokescreen of doing just enough to keep the revenue coming in.
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