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Supplemental First Round
32. Padres (for Heath Bell, modified Type A, to Marlins)
33. Mets (for Jose Reyes, Type A, to Marlins)
34. Cardinals (for Pujols)
35. Red Sox (for Papelbon)
36. Rangers (for C.J. Wilson, Type A, to Angels)
37. Astros (for Clint Barmes, Type B, to Pirates)
38. Padres (for Aaron Harang, Type B, to Dodgers)
39. Pirates (for Ryan Doumit, Type B, to Twins)
40. Rockies (for Mark Ellis, Type B, to Dodgers)
41. Atheltics (for David DeJesus, Type B, to Cubs)
42. White Sox (for Mark Buehrle, Type B, to Marlins)
43. Reds (for Ramon Hernandez, Type B, to Rockies)
44. Dodgers (for Rod Barajas, Type B, to Pirates)
45. Blue Jays (for Frank Francisco, Type B, to Mets)
46. Cardinals (for Octavio Dotel, Type B, to Tigers)
47. Blue Jays (for Jon Rauch, Type B, to Mets)
48. Blue Jays (for Jose Molina, Type B, to Rays)
Second-Round Changes
55. Padres (for failure to sign 2011 sandwich-rounder Brett Austin)
58. Padres (for Bell)
59. Mets (from Marlins for Reyes)
69. Rangers (from Angels for Wilson)

Remaining Compensation Free Agents
Athletics: Josh Willingham (A*).
Brewers: Prince Fielder (A).
Cardinals: Edwin Jackson (B).
Cubs: Carlos Pena (B), Aramis Ramirez (B).
Phillies: Jimmy Rollins (A), Ryan Madson (A*), Raul Ibanez (B).
Pirates: Derrek Lee (B).
Rangers: Darren Oliver (B).
Red Sox: Dan Wheeler (B).
Reds: Francisco Cordero (B).
Twins: Michael Cuddyer (A*), Jason Kubel (B).
A* indicates modified Type A free agent.