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Well at the local level (especially with the White Sox) - these stations really could not afford to use tape stock and archive games. NBC doesn't have that excuse.

Boston was an exception as every game televised from 1972 on exists - the Red Sox paid the stations to do it.

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Yes, very unfortunate. There is not much that exists from the 70s as well; only the Sox opener vs Toronto has been preserved.

The good news is there are plenty of audio recordings of radio broadcasts from the 50s-70s and items before 1972 are not subject to copyright laws. The Miley collection which includes radio broadcasts of World Series games from 1934 until the 1970s as well as many regular season games from the 50s-70s will be acquired by the Library of Congress after the owner John Miley passes away. (If the LOC says so about the copyright laws that is good enough for me.) I've picked up quite a few from Miley's store Cooperstownmusic as well as his competitor baseaballtapes and it is very cool listening to the 1959 World Series as well as Sox games from the 50s-70s. Any others out there collect them?
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