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Originally Posted by KMcMahon817 View Post
Dirty, speaking of the Marlins farm system..did you get a chance to watch Brad Hand pitch at all this year?

I played hockey with him as a kid, and played against him in baseball a few times throughout high school (he could absolutely rake). Pretty cool to see him pitch for the Marlins this season, but does he have a chance to be a legitimate major league starter? He had some good starts and some bad ones, but he also jumped from AA to the majors.
I don't know as much about the Marlins' farm as others, but in Sickels' 2011 preseason rankings, he was given a B- and was the organization's 5th best prospect. In his postseason list review John noted:

3.81 ERA with 56/38 K/BB in 85 innings, 72 hits for Double-A Jacksonville. 4.08 ERA with 24/25 K/BB in 40 innings for the Marlins, 34 hits. Was rushed to the majors. Poor component ratios don't support the ERA and I think he needs more minor league time.

Seems to have some control/command issues to iron out from what I can gather, and has middle to back of the rotation potential if things pan out. It looks like he's a legitimate prospect.