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Originally Posted by cards press box View Post
I know the Sox farm system needs work. I'm just not sold on how good the Cubs farm system is. Reed is almost certainly on the 2012 White Sox. Of the four Cubs prospects you mentioned, Jackson might be with the big club but that's about it and the jury is still out on how high a ceiling he might have. Reed could become a big league closer.

Aren't the Cubs rumored to be moving McNutt to Boston as compensation for Theo Epstein?
Who knows about the compensation to Boston. Selig might be stepping in on that. The Cubs farm system indeed had a down year this season, but it's still light years ahead of the Sox. Especially after spending $11 million on the 2011 draft. As far as Jackson, his ceiling with the Cubs is an above average regular that plays a fine CF. That positional value trumps any reliever easily. There's a reason top prospect lists aren't littered with relievers. They are largely fungible pieces. Not sure why we are comparing the two farm systems though. If we want to compare bad farms, the Marlins are probably second worst.

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