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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
That or shift Quentin back to LF.

And age really doesn't have much to do with it. The consensus is he is not likely to be a good defender no matter where he is placed. He has a good arm, but the defensive positives end about there. An apt comparison for Dayan is Carlos Lee on both sides of the ball. Probably with more power potential though.
Good comparison: Carlos Lee also started off as a 3B in our minor league system but had to move to LF because of his bad foot work at the hot corner.

Contrary, however, to most on this board, I thought Carlos improved in LF as time went by and became a tolerable fielder out there. (Remember I'm old enough to have seen Ron Kittle and Greg Luzinski out there, who were Chili Davis bad in the OF.)

The biggest problem I had w/Carlos (and Magglio as well) was that they constantly threw the ball over the cut-off man and to the plate when they had no chance of throwing the runner out at the plate. This was absolutely maddening because it would allow the batter to take second on the throw, more often than not. If Dayan plays at Lee's level, but actually throws to the cut-off man, I could live with him in left -- if he doesn't take to RF.

His bat speed, btw, is the best I've seen from a Sox player since Dick Allen, and that's no joke. The sound his bat makes with the ball at contact is something I've never heard before. If he fails, he fails, but at this point I'd love to see him play everyday and see what happens.