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Originally Posted by JermaineDye05 View Post
What about Ryan Braun or Alfonso Soriano?

Soriano probably more likely just cause I haven't seen Braun defend much, but I haven't heard anything really positive about him in LF.
I like Dayan. Most of the board does too. He can hit, and hit well. He has plenty of power, ridiculous bat speed, and makes solid contact without striking out much for a slugger.

The reviews of his defense are not good though. The range isn't there, just as it was absent at 3B and 1B. I can't comment on the reads he gets as I haven't seen him play much other than a miniscule spring training sample size. But when people who are paid to scout, analyze, and write about prospects are noting his defense at best could be "mediocre" or "tolerable" its fair to temper expectations about his play in the field.