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Originally Posted by DrCrawdad View Post
Are you saying that Rios is substantially better in CF over LilliHammer?

After watching Rios the last couple years I've come to the conclusion that his defense is vastly overrated.

And Pierre vs. Viciedo in LF? Well I've not seen Viciedo play LF but he has been playing RF in AAA. You'd NEVER play Pierre in RF, I doubt they'd do that even in AAA. But besides that Pierre is marginal in LF. I don't think there would be much of a difference between Pierre and Viciedo.
Yes, Rios is a true CFer.

Pierre is a career outfielder, and knows all aspects of the position, Dayan is an infielder that has played roughly 40 games in one of the smallest outfields in professional baseball, you're comparing grapes to watermelons.

But this whole concept does not surprise me at all, a good chunk of the posters here scream for replacing starters that aren't hitting, and then bitch and moan because of the lack of fundamentals, you can't have it both ways.

The Twins run all over Sox pitching and everyone bitches about AJ's poor defense, completely ignoring the fact that his defense is the exact same as it was when he was first signed, but where is the finger pointing at the pitchers that can't look back a runner to save their lives?

Carry on, nothing more to see here.
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