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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
Just ribbing you for the 'KW-clone' comments you made in the past and how that conflicts with "used to avoid" comment from the review. Personally, I'm lukewarm about the pick only because developing players is a weak spot for our organization and a 'high upside' pick only works if you have the structure in place to develop him. Maybe this is another signal of the FO taking a different approach (in the same vain as hiring Buddy Bell, for instance). We'll see. At any rate, Walker does not seem to profile as a prospect who will be rushed into MLB action.
I can agree with all of this. We'll see if the strategy pays off or not.

That said, even in an admittedly-weak system like the SOX's system, there are always players that are of interest for minor league geeks like myself.

For me, the more intriguing players haven't been the ones touted by the front office or in the articles.
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