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Originally Posted by asindc View Post
I wonder what Khan has to say about this comment: "Walker is exactly the kind of player the White Sox used to avoid, but with Kenny Williams' edict to focus on upside, he's a great find."
Well, since you asked, I think it would be a reasonable statement to make, IF the player in question does in fact have a great upside.

That said, one has to wonder exactly how much upside a player can have when he's striking out at a 21% clip vs. JUCO pitchers. [Most of whom will be working at a Hertz rent-a-car or a Burger King in a few weeks.] I'll give you the view from FutureSox:

In general, I agree with the concept of seeking upside as being tantamount to being a growth investor. However, I don't know that the front office have done this with this or other picks. As I've stated previously, there are already plenty of other Kenny Williams doppelgangers in the SOX farm system. [READ: Raw, Toolsy, Athletic strikout kings, like Mitchell, Trace Thompson, KW JR, and others.]

Oddly enough, the players that pique my interest in the SOX farm system aren't the "Toolsy, athletic" types like Danks, Mitchell, Thompson, etc... For me, it's the other guys like Remenowsky or Kuhn or Marrero that interest me. Granted, it is unlikely that ANY of these players will make The Show.

But I find it worth watching that the guy who "knows how to pitch" [Remenowsky] has shown better results than some of the more highly-touted prospects, for example. Or that Kuhn's OBP of .429 this year is higher than Beckham's OBP in Birmingham in 2009. Sure, Remenowsky isn't throwing 100 MPH, and Kuhn doesn't have big-time power. But on the other hand, these types of guys have been perfoming at the level at which they're assigned.

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