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Originally Posted by canOcorn View Post
They want a college pitcher who can come up in the next two years with the rest of their new core. The Royals, with or without Cole are going to be scary in 2013-14.

And don't take that the wrong way: The thought of them getting Cole is very scary.
Spot on about their intent. They need pitching in the immediate core. They have Duffy and will have Montgomery in the rotation in the near future, but Lamb is headed for TJ surgery. Odorizzi (Greinke trade) is dominating in High-A, but is far away. Adding in a Cole/Barnes/Gray/Bauer would bolster the rotation quickly.

Cleveland is looking to do the same thing. Masterson, White, & Pomeranz will likely be mainstays very soon. Grabbing whatever college arm falls to them in such a deep class will just add to a very impressive potential rotation.

And I mean scary in that Cole has the best stuff and highest ceiling of the top potential arms available. If he realizes that potential, lookout.
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