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Originally Posted by khan View Post
Thanks for all of this, guys.

Meanwhile, since I've taken an interest in Mr. Kuhn, his OPS has plummetted from .927 to .888. In any case, if he continues to produce at a good level, he needs to be playing in Charlotte instead of the 30-something Gookie Dawkins. [Only 4 errors in 49 games so far, BTW!]

I'd heard that Remenowsky has a high pitching and baseball IQ, so I'll continue to watch him with interest. That said, he's still a former NDFA, so perhaps he lacks a baseline level of ability to become anything of note.

I don't know what to make of Marrero, Infante, and Omogrosso.

Insofar as Mitchell goes, I'm content to see more improvement on his part. I don't see the need to promote him until he learns everything he needs to learn at A+, regardless of his draft status or age. [This is due to him being considered "raw" when he was drafted.]

I'd rather have him as complete a player as he can be in 2013 in Chicago than to have him become another incomplete player and pushed to Chicago in 2012.
Kuhn is pretty fringy. Reports of his defense aren't very good. Marrero is hard to get a read on as the organization doesn't really seem to regard him that highly. Rem doesn't have velocity but is the quintessential "knows how to pitch" guy and the results have been great throughout his progression.

Infante is legitimate and the best prospect of the players you mentioned. If he harnesses his control and becomes more consistent with the breaking pitch he could be an impact relief arm.

Ultimately, none of these guys are that great but there isn't much else to get excited about.