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Originally Posted by California Sox View Post
The weird thing is JorDanks has almost stopped striking out entirely during his recent power surge. Compare his April and May numbers:

April .203 64AB 5R 13H 2D 1T 2HR 11RBI 13bb 25K
May .318. 44AB 12R 14H 4D 1T 6HR 15RBI 2bb 8K

That is like two different types of players. One is a passive player who walks and strikes out a lot and hits for very little power. The other never walks but puts the ball in play with authority. He is like a lefty Viciedo now. That is an extra base hit every four at bats. It is reflected in where he hits in their lineup now. They moved him from first to fifth. This is a small sample size, but JorDanks has changed his approach. I am anxious to see if it lasts.
Indeed. The power surge is noteworthy, but as you stated the sample size is still small with the strikeout reduction. I'm not excited just yet, but I will continue following his progress per usual.