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Sickels has his first mock draft up. The supplemental round portion will be posted later today. This year's draft is so deep that the Sox should be able to acquire legitimate talent with their first pick at number 47, especially if they open up their wallet. Many supplemental and 2nd round picks in this year's draft would be 1st rounders in year's past.

At this point in time it's between Cole and Rendon being the first overall pick. Most analysts are leaning Rendon currently. Hultzen has shot up draft boards this year as well. I'm a big fan of Starling and I hope he ends up in KC. Bauer is a really fun guy to watch, but his pitch counts have been enormous this year. Sonny to the Indians makes a bunch of sense. He would fit nicely in a rotation with Masterson, Pomeranz, & White. Tons of interesting names to sift through later in the round too.

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