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Originally Posted by Daver View Post
The White Sox have long preferred to keep their upper level affiliates in the same geographic area to cut travel costs for scouts and roaming instructors.

I do understand this, but I would think that the opportunity cost of recruiting more fans would far exceed this. Especially in a battleground state/area like Indy. They dont have a team, and people dont really know who to root for. After going to college @ Purdue I can tell you that the Indy metro area is a hodgepodge of Reds/Cubs/Cards/Sox. Prob in that order.

With minor league costs much suppressed in comparison to MLB, this would be a great way to get kids involved. Especially if we could tie in the team name, IE. Indy White Sox, or Indy Pale Hose.

At a minimum try to get into the midwest league. South Bend/Fort Wayne would be nice as well.
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