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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
Daver will likely have some input on the developmental aspects, but the Sox need to start spending on the draft as well as on international prospects. Not that it was a hotbed before for the organization, but the Sox haven't spent a dime on international prospects since the Wilder scandal. Also, they rarely go over slot in the draft and the overall draft spending/budget has been bottom of the barrel amongst MLB teams for years now. Quite often the Sox will spend less in 2 years on the draft combined than many teams do in 1 year. Many would also argue that the draft philosophy still needs change. The organization leans heavily on safer picks, primarily college arms that have a greater chance of contributing to the big league club even if it's at a marginal level. It would be nice to see more picks that have higher ceilings despite the fact they might not reach it. Mitchell, Poreda, and Trayce Thompson are some recent picks that buck the trend but it would be nice to see the trend continue. Lastly, the Sox seem allergic to prep players in early rounds though I'm not sure why. If a high school player is the BPA in the 1st/Supplemental/2nd round, they need to pull the trigger.
The teams that are truly successful at building through the draft do not go out of their way to overpay for unproven talent, they scout more players and draft smarter, no team in MLB scouts more players than the Twins, for every single amateur player the Sox scout the Twins scout five. I live in the Chicago area and I know more Twins scouts than I do Sox scouts, that tell you anything?

As far as the whole slot thing, I can see the MLBPA agreeing to strict caps on money spent on draftees, and eliminating agents cashing in on unproven talent, as a concession to removing the restrictions on untendered free agent players, in the long run the MLBPA exists to serve the players that actually do make it.
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