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Default White Sox Top 20 - John Sickels

Sickels has his Top 20 for the White Sox up. His book will go much further in depth, and it's highly recommended:

Depressing list, but it is to be expected. I'd wager the Sox system is considered the 2nd worst in baseball barely eking out the Brewers after the Greinke/Marcum trades.

Surprised that he gave Sale a straight "A." He also seems to be higher on Reed than others. I can't fault John on the Mitchell apprehension and I hope the Sox take it slow with him. Hopefully some of the sleeper prospects have breakouts next year. I'm really pulling for Blanke, Rienzo, Thompson, and Petricka. Depth is needed at every position currently.

Without a 1st round pick in the upcoming draft, the Sox desperately need to go over slot to sign some falling talent. Scooping up a 1st round talent with the supplemental pick would be optimal. Something akin to the Tigers and Castellanos last year. I won't hold my breath though.
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