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Originally Posted by khan View Post
Eh, I just don't see anyone wanting him at this point. He's been found out to be a guy who will swing at anything that isn't thrown directly at his head. There's absolutely no reason to throw a single pitch within an area code of the plate against Viciedo any more. He gets himself out due to his indiscipline.

Washington may have wanted him back in July, but many Viciedo AB have passed, without him bothering to walk to a sufficient degree. In the intervening time, Viciedo's value has been in free fall since then.

So sure, Viciedo has "some" value above zero because of his batspeed and power. But what will he return at this point, since he's neither a "plus" hit for average player, nor a "plus" batting eye, nor a "plus" runner, nor a "plus" fielder?

His two strengths, throwing and hit for power aren't enough to get him to the bigs/keep him there. So why bother trading Viciedo if nothing can be gotten in return?

He's Cuban Rob Deer right now. If he can learn any kind of strike zone awareness, he might have some value, or even a good White Sox player someday. At least he's young, so there is still hope.
I think you're being a bit harsh, for a 21 year old kid, his MLB stat line over 100AB's was much better than most prospects his age could produce, and his AAA line wasn't bad by any stretch. He certainly needs to learn to how to be patient, and time will tell if he will ever develop that skill...nevertheless, I'm sure Kenny could get a solid prospect for with the potential to start in the big leagues at the very least.

Again, time will tell, but if DV improves his game in 2011-2013, the Sox will have a VERY nice 24 year old power-hitter on the club...2011 will be telling, hopefully we see significant improvement.
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