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Originally Posted by khan View Post
Yes, we're all aware that the lad was ill. However, he was a HUGE overdraft, and as dome stated, he did little-to-nothing BEFORE he got sick.

Also, I don't think ANYONE other than you sees him as the whipping boy for the entire system. I think there are real systemic issues that lead to Phegley being drafted rounds before he should have been drafted.
Again, the simplest explanation would suffice - the Sox saw catcher as a need position considering his potential as a hitter with power, which don't grow on trees at that position. It's not always about Jerry going under slot.

Baseball America thought highly enough of him to pick him the Sox preseason #11.

After 400 AB in the minors (including hitting a total of .284/.328/.415 at 3 levels this year) it's foolish to assume he'll be a bust.

Hopefully he can get well and build on his season next year in AA, and at least get a cup of coffee in the bigs before the end of 2012.
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