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The White Sox stand to gain as many as 5 additional picks throughout the 1st, Supplemental, and 2nd round depending on free agent compensation. This is all dependent on PK, AJ, and Putz declining arbitration if offered, and then signing elsewhere.

PK and AJ are both Type A free agents at the moment. The declining of arbitration if offered will result in the eventual signing team forfeiting 2 picks to the White Sox. If the signing team is outside the first 18 picks, the White Sox gain their 1st round pick, as well as a Supplemental pick. If the signing team's 1st round pick is within the first 18, the White Sox gain that team's 2nd round pick in addition to a Supplemental pick.

Putz is at the moment a Type B free agent. The declining of arbitration if offered will result in White Sox gaining a Supplemental pick if he signs elsewhere. The signing team does not lose a selection.

Offseason deadlines have been moved up this year:
- The deadline to offer arbitration is now November 23rd.
- The deadline to accept or decline arbitration is November 30th.

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