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Originally Posted by DirtySox View Post
For catchers, keep an eye on Mike Blanke (if you aren't already). BA had him as #7 in their list of Top 20 Pioneer league prospects. (Reed was 8, Royse was 19)

The article essentially notes:

He was drafted in 14th round because of his defense and maturity, but he would have gone much earlier if teams had any idea that he would show plus power, arm strength and good receiving skills.

He makes solid contact and uses the entire field in his approach. He struggles with inside pitches, but he projects as an average hitter with 15-20 home run pop, with his arm being his best tool.

Obviously he needs to face more age appropriate competition now, but he will be interesting to follow.
Interesting. He sounds like an intriguing one to keep track of, kinda like Miguel Gonzalez from last year. Well, hopefully, Blanke doesn't tank it next year like Gonzalez did. Thank you for telling me. I wasn't really paying attention to BA's league rankings so I didn't know about him.

Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I hate to bring this up, but seems to me Flowers early years with the Braves and his PED suspension mesh up a bit more than we'd like it to.

His performance last two seasons have not dissuaded that notion, though granted that's at a higher level.

Phegley may take more time to develop, but I still think he'll end a better catcher.
Fair point. I don't know what to think about steroids anymore. It seems that steroids get brought up every time somebody performs well after performing badly throughout career, or vice versa. I really wish there was a clear explanation to all things about steroids, but I digress.

As for Phegley, maybe it's the fact that he was an overdraft and performed poorly so far, but I am really not high on him at all. Obviously I can't be too hard on him for this season because he was sick for the majority of it. Having said that, this kid's selling card was being an advanced college hitter, so he better start working his magic fast.
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