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Originally Posted by DumpJerry View Post
Also, having a minor league teams far from Chicago helps expand the Sox fanbase geographically.
Good point, however I think most MLB teams (outside maybe the Iowa Cubs situation) screw this up. I live in New Orleans- a fairly large city. The New Orleans Zephyrs are the only baseball down here, and they're pretty popular. However, they keep changing affiliations. They were with the Mets for awhile, now the Rays or something. I don't even know.

MLB teams ought to:

1. Make sure they hold on to their minor league teams forever.

2. Always name the team after their own name. If they were always the New Orleans Mets, with the actual Mets logo, and they pushed the Mets brand down here... do you realize how many New York Mets fans there would be down here? Missed opportunity.

There's no MLB team in Charlotte. Why aren't the White Sox the predominent brand down there? I've been to Charlotte, and there's no "White Sox" brand at all.
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