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Originally Posted by LongLiveFisk View Post
No kidding? Wow, that's interesting.

I go to a few KC Cougars games a year. I guess now the "KC" moniker fits a little more.

(Note: I wish they were the White Sox affiliate. Would be nice to have one close to home!)
Hey, I didn't catch the KC moniker. Good one!!

Love going to Cougars games when I can. It will be interesting to see the Royals farm system in action. If the Cougars ever became the Sox affiliate, I'd have season tickets. My son plays ball in the local summer Colt league; at the end of summer season they play a game at Cougar's stadium. What a neat experience for the boys. It wasn't that long ago when he looked so little on that huge field ...this year, he hit one that rolled to the wall. I felt so old.

<Kinda off topic...It's ironic that my daughter is probably going to go to college at Bradley in Peoria...aaack, Cubs affiliate territory!! But she has already proudly and defiantly declared her allegiance to the Sox to anyone at Bradley who cares...that's my girl. sorry for the hijack.>
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