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Originally Posted by Rdy2PlayBall View Post
So one bad year, and he's done? He batted .300 last year and has been batting .382 the past 28 days, bringing his average up to a respectable .268. He's not 40, he's 33. I would bet more on this being a bad year than it being the start of his demise as an effective starter. Bring him back, I want nothing to do with Flowers until he gets more time in the minors.
While I do agree that this season is just one of those bad seasons most players go through, you've got to wonder if catching so many games every year is starting to take a toll on AJ's body. He's only 33 but catchers have a way shorter lifespan than other positional players. I wouldn't mind seeing him go but given his recent resurgence, I wouldn't be too upset if we brought him back.

This makes me realize how frustrating Flowers' struggles this season is. I had high hopes for him going into the season. Now it looks like he can neither hit or catch (Well, not like he could catch before but at least he was improving).
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