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Originally Posted by stevemcstud View Post
I have a feeling Viciedo is gone by the start of next season.

Of course what do I know about anything, but here is my prediction:

We keep Konerko on a 2-3 Year deal.

Brent Morel is starting 3B next year on Opening Day.

Teahen traded like Swisher to the Yankees trade version 2.

Flowers is Opening Day Catcher.

Quentin new DH/4th OF

Viciedo package for either new RF or new pitching, depends on if it takes pitching or fielding the new OF.

Santos is new Closer.

Jenks non tendered.

Viciedo = Jose Guillen - not necessarily a bad thing.

I agree with most of this - Konerko is back, Morel starTing at 3B, Jenks gone, Quentin DH/4th OF.

But, no way is Santos the closer. Putz, Sale and Thornton before him. No way is Flowers the starting catcher. Flowers MIGHT be the backup. And, no one will take Teahen's contract. The Sox are stuck with him like Linebrink.
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