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Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
Alexei is effective because he is a middle infielder. The likelihood that a player can improve his plate discipline is very, very small; it just doesn't happen very often.
True, but Dayan has the added power, so if he can get 30 HRs a year, then that would also make him effective as a 1B or DH.

Plate discipline can be a hard thing to fix, but I was trying to use Alexei as an example of a player to doubled his walks in one season. This year, he is walking less than last year, yet, he is still effective with his higher batting average. Dayan is definitely going to need some work, and hopefully the coaches that were unable to fix previous Sox prospects, will have more luck with him.

Originally Posted by Craig Grebeck View Post
Carlos -- yes, I agree with that. Rowand too. But I don't believe Getz, Ventura, or Johnson were as awful as Viciedo is at pitch recognition.
Maybe his problem isn't recognition, but he just thinks he can hit anything close? He is a very agressive hitter, maybe it will just take calming him down a bit.
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