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Originally Posted by Rdy2PlayBall View Post

I didn't say they were similar, I said they both have problems with walking, and Alexei is still effective. I also said Viciedo still needs work. It was an example of a player that was okay to good offensively, yet walked only about 20 times. There is no doubt he is going to need to lay of the breaking stuff more, but it's not going to take a huge revamping of his approach for him to be successful in the majors.
It might not take a huge revamping for him to be a successful major leaguer if he manages to hit many home runs, but a move to 1B comes with it increased offensive expectations which I'm unsure he can fulfill.

His numbers would be much more acceptable if he could stick at 3B and provide at least passable defense.

The comparison with Alexei and Dayan doesn't work for me as a large part of Alexei's value comes with him playing a premium defensive position adequately.
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