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Originally Posted by Rdy2PlayBall View Post
If he continues to have plate discipline issues, he's not going to be very good, but he is still young and has a few years to get things together. He can still be as young as most of the prospects that start coming to the majors (with a year or two more of work).

If he can put together the kind of average and OBP Alexei can get (walks were similar with the stats I showed), then he can end up a decent player, with the potential to have All-Star numbers. This year wasn't a step in the right direction, but it might have something to do with working multiple positions and moving up to the majors, I don't know. I'll still give him a year before I start to think he will be a "bust", because his issue that needs to be fixed isn't a mechanical or physical one... just a mental one. (may be a good, or bad thing). Like all prospects, we need to give him some time to develop.
The question mark is who is doing the developing, it is the same instructors that failed to develop Borchard, Fields, Anderson, Flowers,and Jeremy Reed to name a few.
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