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Originally Posted by Rdy2PlayBall View Post
I know this is cherry picking stats, but he's only been in the minors for 2 years, and this year has been a bit of change for him because of the stint in the majors and all... but...

Viciedo 2009 at-bats/walks.... 504/23 ~ 21.9
Alexei's 2010 at-bats/walks.... 495/21 ~ 23.6

OBVIOUSLY, they are different players, and I am not saying it's ok how Alexei walks so little... but as we have all seen, Alexei is a decent offensive player, and has consistently shown for the past 3 years that he can be effective at the major league level. Just last year, Alexei had 49 walks. He obviously was trying to walk more in 2009, and I would assume he got help from somebody, somewhere. The difference between these two players? Viciedo isn't very good at defense, but he is also a very powerful hitter.

Any power hitter is going to get more garbage than a slappy hitter, especially when he already hit the cover off a ball during a game or series. He is young enough to learn to lay of breaking stuff, and he has already shown he can hit major league hitting. I think, given an offseason and maybe a half-a-year, he can learn to lay of the breaking stuff, which will result in more walks as well. I don't think it will happen automatically, but he's going to need to work with somebody, hopefully his focus from now on is hitting, and not 3B.

He is progressing no where near as fast as I thought he would, but he is still VERY young (21), and if it takes until he is 23-24 to come up and bat .280 with just a .335 OBP, but still hit the cover off the ball, I don't think he will be a bust. He's making a lot of money, but any time now, something could snap and we could have an All-Star ready to come out of our system. I'm not giving up hope like many people here seem to be, his problems are minor tweeks, it's not like we're talking about somebody who just flat-out can't hit.
What are you trying to show with these numbers here? Last year Dayan had a BB% of 4.3% and this year in the minors it's at 2.7%

I'm not sure he's going to bust, but I don't think he's close to becoming an all-star.
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