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Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
If you saw him pitch last year you would know where I'm coming from because he was no where close throwing in the mid to upper 90s. I never saw a plus fastball.
It wasn't just the Sox hype. Many other prospect gurus saw Poreda's fastball as a legit pitch. If his fastball sucked, he would have never been able to put up the numbers he did in our minor league system. This guy was a prospect because of his fastball. Yes, his fastball seemed average in what little short time he pitched for us. What do I say to that? The good old 'Small Sample Size.' For example, Hudson's control was absolutely out of whack for us this year. His minor league numbers and all scouting reports say otherwise. The problem here is that we just don't have extensive data of Poreda's fastball against MLB hitting to say his fastball was garbage. Doesn't change the fact that this guy was a rather highly touted prospect by several publications.

Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
Just the other day someone wrote Gregory Infante in Double A was clocked at 102mph on 3 pitches. Do you really believe that? It's not make believe like Brendan Frasor in The Scout.
Of course I don't. Infante is practically unknown outside of the Sox fanbase, and this was probably a radar gun in a minor league stadium. It's way too fishy to be trusted. I don't even know what this kid is supposed to throw. Until local resident experts confirm Infante's stuff, I ain't believing it. Now, if I heard, say, Petricka hit 100+ MPH on the radar gun pitching out of the pen, I'd believe it. Scouting reports say he can get it all the way up to 99, and in this hypothetical case, he was pitching out of pen.

Originally Posted by Daver View Post
I don't believe the radar gun has any place in baseball, especially at the amateur levels, that tool has ruined ten arms for everyone single one it has so called helped.
Huh, I don't think I've heard of a case where the radar gun either helped or ruined a pitcher's career. IMHO, it's just asthetics, a viewing pleasure for the fans. It just makes strike outs all the more exciting.
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