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Originally Posted by PolishPrince34 View Post
When the Sox called him up last year his fastball was so overblown. Poreda was only throwing 90-91 in the 3 appearances. Fastball was all over the place. There are so many times when you read minor league reports about their fastball being in the mid to upper 90s and it turns out to be not true. Also, the Cell might have the fastest pitching gun in MLB.
Eh, IIRC, Poreda's velo was down because he was brought into situations where he had to pitch out of stretch. Also, some prospects come up and lower their velocities to compensate for longterm health and/or control issues (See: Jenks, Bobby). Given Poreda's numbers this year, I'd assume he was starting to be concerned about his command. The Sox didn't make **** up about Poreda's velocity. Pretty much every other scouting report on him I've seen agreed his fastball was a plus.
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