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Originally Posted by GoGoCrede View Post
That's interesting, actually. I wonder why this wasn't done sooner, if he brought it up to management.
I suspect because he was a first round pick who Kenny had a lot invested in by trading a popular center fielder from a world series winning team to clear room for him and also as late as 2008 Kenny was saying Anderson would hit .275 with 25 HRs. The Sox had a lot invested him as an everyday player and to try and turn him into a pitcher would be seen as a big failure on the part of the Sox and I suspect that Kenny and management didn't want to do that.

Originally Posted by Nellie_Fox View Post
Let me get this straight. If your reserve outfielder thinks he wants to convert to being a pitcher, it's the responsibility of the major league manager to recognize that it's the right move, and take care of it? How much deeper can your insane Ozzie hatred go?
I think, I hope, that teal was heavily implied in that post.

Go Sox!!!
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