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Originally Posted by JC456 View Post
I disagree! He clocked him. There was full contact. AJ's mask spun around his head.

I think it was enough for AJ to get in Young's face and shake his head no, no to the guy to see the reaction and then let wild man Young choose the battle. AJ didn't have to left a finger but to say no, no, or You're out!
Sorry, I looked at it again... and again. Not clocked at all. Certainly not full contact. A bit of contact, albeit stupid on Young's part because he could have scored with the right slide. He knocked AJ's mask off but that isn't hard to do. AJ is a big boy and would have made more of it had it been more to make of. I still wouldn't have argued had Young got some high and tight fastballs afterward, but to go out looking to drill someone? No.
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