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Originally Posted by tm1119 View Post
-Polanco is a 2b. Hes played there the majority of his career. Hes only playing 3b for the Phillies because he filled a hole for the them. Hes actually a perfect example of a guy who came up as a 3b, but was moved to 2b because of his weak bat.
-I already noted that game changing speed is an exception of a guy being able to stick at 3b with limited power. Plus, Figgins isnt a natural 3b either, hes played almost everywhere in his career.
- And of course there are always going to be exceptions of a guy being able to play a position his bat doesnt equate to. Certain teams have the luxury of having a potent lineup and getting away with playing a guy where he doenst belong(ex:philllies with polanco or yankees with gardner). We certainly arent 1 of those teams though. We have a weak lineup as it is, theres no way we could get away with playing a weak bat like Morel at 3B.
I don't disagree with the broad scope of your argument, but of course we can "get away" with Morel at 3B. He has a tremendous glove -- better than Vizquel's there, most likely -- and has the potential for a passable bat. Why wouldn't we "get away" with that?
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