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Originally Posted by guillensdisciple View Post
And you forget that we have much better pitching than they do. Your argument is that they have a better hitting squad, and mine is that we have the better pitching squad. Also, back in the day we had the better hitting squads and would still lose. We have had better teams, and we have continued to lose.

Listen, I advocate winning as the way to do things the right way, but I don't advocate losing and laying down while your doing it. That's all I'm saying, you have to win and lose wanting to embarrass your enemy. That's all, plain and simple. The message the Twins, with their inferior teams, have gotten time after time against us. I have no idea what you're talking about- try justifying the sucky ass teams the Twins have put in year after year prior to this year and how they have continued to take the Division from us.

Why is it, because they are so respectable? Because they are the better team- don't be delusional. They WANT to win, and they continue doing it. That is all, you take the game in your own hands, don't put it into theirs by being cute.

But hey, I'm sure the kid who got bullied was perfectly fine and got very far in his life when he continued letting people walk all over him. That's how the world works, the cowards always win.
This to begin?

If you have such a "better" team and you continue to lose the division to their "sucky ass" team....maybe you don't have a better team. Did that ever occur to you? Or is it always some excuse built in. I'm not saying the Twins are some great, unbelieveable team, I'm just saying they're probably better than the Sox. So, ok, by your logic, the Twins don't have a better team, but they WANT to win, so much more so that it becomes sort of like magic willpower and combined with Gardenhire's sorcery makes them only SEEM like a better team.......almost....every...time...they play the Sox. Hmmm. Maybe there's something I'm not taking into account. Maybe they're just better at winning baseball games. You think it might just be that? Maybe, just maybe? Or the magic willpower excuse? I don't know.

And when did the Sox lay down? They rallied back TWICE in that game. Danks had a rough first inning where it looked like he wouldn't last more than a couple if he was lucky. He went 7 innings and while he didn't have his best stuff at all, he saved the already shorthanded bullpen even more strain. Thornton pitched out of a jam but unfortunately blew the save when he probably shouldn't have been in there, but I don't know if there was much of a choice at that point.

Oh no wait, it wasn't Thornton. It was at the bottom of the 8th inning when Young tried to cheapshot AJ (and it was a cheapshot) as he was thrown out. Because we didn't do anything about that, we lost the game.....buuuut the very next inning, the first pitch, Ramirez hit a home run to tie it. Hmmm, that doesn't fit into the logic of the magic willpower theory. Guess we'll just ignore that.

I hate calling people names, but when does this stupidity end?
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