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Originally Posted by kufram View Post
To put a pitch near Mauer's knee is a ridiculous over-reaction to a stupid, non-event act by Young. Young looks like a fool and to elevate it to getting your pitcher tossed or injuring a player that had nothing to do with it is playground thuggery.

A. J. did exactly the right thing... nothing. Ignore it. A.J. didn't even lose an ounce of balance. Let Young look a fool, stay above that kind of stupid play.. no need whatsoever to lower yourself to that standard.
I was agreeing with you up until here. Someone provided a link so check it out. He shoved AJ in the face. Hard.

Just win the next two games and if we haven't retaliated at the end, that will be a lot sweeter than if we had and still lost, I think.
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