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Originally Posted by Coops4Aces View Post
Next time watch the play first. Career ending injury to Mauer? Suspend Young from Twins vs Sox games? Huh?
Everything I wrote was conditional, given the worst that people are assuming. I specifically didn't demand Young be thrown at. I didn't need to watch the play to make conditional statements.

Suspending players against specific teams is done at the scholastic level for expediency, and baseball nip problems if they took a similar approach, although I don't know if the union agreement would allow it.

If the play made the White Sox players as angry as it made some of the fans here, it won't end with last night's game or the White Sox rolling over. It would end with someone getting hurt in a manner that falls outside the boundaries of hardball. And baseball should do something before it goes that far. Players get injured sneezing and celebrating home runs. Imagine what could happen in a serious brawl.

If the play was as bad as people here seem to believe, baseball should be proactive in seeing that nothing further happens.

I don't need to see the play to make such conditional statements.
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