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Originally Posted by JC456 View Post
Then let them clear the benches and take a few swings! I know of no other team that deserves it more since the Tory Hunter incident several years ago along with the hit batters!
Correct me if I am wrong---but aftert the Torri hunter thing Ozzie basically called out the team and said it what was going on was bull**** and said something along the lines that Carlos Lee slid into second like his sister was covering the bag..........

I think the aftermath of that season, that game, was the end of the Carlos era here, we brought in Pods, then go on to cut ties with Mags and had a pretty big change in approach between 2004 and 2005. I wont lie to you, I was not all for some of the ideas we brought into play, but at least it was a change. Ended up working out better than I think anyone, Guillen and KW included, ever thought it would.

My concern now, 6 years later, is that we are not going to see what happened this season as catalyst for any kind of significant changes for 2011.....I hope I am wrong.
A swing, and a high fly ball, deep right center field. This is way back in the gap. And it's a goner! A White Sox winner! A winner on a Podsednik home run, and the White Sox go up two games to nothing in the 2005 World Series.

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