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Originally Posted by hawkjt View Post
The Twins hit Carlos twice last week,and at least 3 other Sox,with no retaliation by the Sox. Youngs swerve into the infield to try to take out AJ last nite was extremely dirty. Hunter putting Burke in the hospital using the same approach a few years ago went unanswered.
Padilla's hitting AJ a couple of years ago and yelling at him went unanswered.

Enough. I know it is meatballish,but I want my lb of flesh.
I hate to risk Gavin,tho,so I think just wait til Pena comes in,maybe...and throw right at Youngs head. I think he will charge the mound,and that will result in a long overdue brawl.

I know...stupid,right? Gotta stand up Sox. Would love to see Pena and AJ jump on a charging Young and kick the crap outta him...and let Mauer get hit also,please. Kubel,and Cudyar for good measure. Keep hitting them til they come out and get you.

It is time to stand up and stop dealing with this bull**** from the Twins. Obviously we can't be doing anything if it's a tight game. But if the situation presents itself, Mauer or Young should get one right in the ribs.
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