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Originally Posted by TDog View Post
Warnings don't have to be issued. If you hit a batter with your first pitch in the first inning and the umpire deems it intentional, he can eject you. The name of the pitcher and umpire escape me, but earlier this year, a pitcher was ejected in the first inning, perhaps with his first hitter, despite no warnings being issued. The warning business just makes it easier for umpires to do their jobs.

I didn't see the play everyone is talking about, but if the Twins are consistently intentionally going after White Sox players to intimidate them, I wouldn't have any problem with the White Sox inflicting a season-ending, even a career ending injury to Joe Mauer. That would certainly put them in their place. I certainly am not inclined to feel bad for Justin Morneau.

Of course, if major league baseball is interested in not seeing this get ugly, and the play in question Tuesday night was outside the boundaries and consistent with Twins intimidation, as some here believe, baseball would suspend Young from the rest of the games against the White Sox this season. There would be an appeal that makes that impractical, but perhaps baseball needs to give players choices, such as a monthlong suspension or a suspension against one specific team.

Assuming that there is really a pattern of systematic intimidation going on, it won't end until baseball does something drastic or until something ugly happens.
Next time watch the play first. Career ending injury to Mauer? Suspend Young from Twins vs Sox games? Huh?
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