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Originally Posted by soxball14 View Post
Maybe instead of constantly complaining about what the Sox spend you should look at what they have brought in! Some of you are saying to spend spend spend on players that none of us have ever seen.
I prefer to view draft bonuses as an investment into the future. Cheap/young players that are under club control enable the team to invest more into FA to fill holes. It enables KW to get trades done. It enables the team to have adequate temporary injury replacements for the big club. It enables a team to remain competitive/relevant over the LONG HAUL, rather than constantly ebbing and flowing above and below .500.

The additional $250K on Grimes may not have paid off EVER. But, in the big view of things, it isn't all that much money, compared to having to pay a BORAS CLIENT $8.35M in his walk year, for example.

$8.35M to a BORAS CLIENT in his walk year to a guy who hasn't been consistently-good is the definition of "spend spend spend," IMO.

Originally Posted by soxball14 View Post
I think rather than complaining about the Sox not spending money on those kids I have never seen, I will just trust in the fact that they have had 3 ML's in 3 years and the system is getting better with the likes of Morel, Danks, Mitchell, Thompson, ect. Not to mention they have spend millions on Vicedo and Alexei and I don't think they have done too bad.
It would help to compare what the SOX system has provided, both in terms of players IN the SOX, as well as available to trade. The reality is that "3 ML's in 3 years" is really craptacular, when compared to other organizations.

As an aside, I don't believe the SOX need to have a top ten minor league system. Nor should they want to, IMO. But in a big market like Chicago, having even an AVERAGE system would work wonders for this organization.

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