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Originally Posted by Pablo_Honey View Post
Well, the way I see it, the Sox draft picks were all about signability before 2006. Now, IMHO, it's about half signability and half talent, but more often than not, signability takes priority before talent. The Sox brass has made it sound like they are basing draft picks on talent alone, which I don't think is true at all.
1. It has been, and will ALWAYS be about signability in this organization. [Together with the drafting weakness and developmental weakness and th utter lack of an international scouting dept, this is one of the reasons why the Jackson trade was stupid.]

2. A 360 degree turn means that you're still heading the same direction as before the turn. A 180 degree turn means that you're heading in the opposite direction after the turn. Hence, the bolded part of your previous post was confusing. Can you clarify this geometric reference?
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