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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
If we were unwilling to go extra with a 1st, sandwich or 2nd rounder, then I could understand the accusation.
The problem is that the Sox are being very sneaky with their higher round picks. The Broadway/McCulloch debacle was way too blatant of a pure economic decision, and the Sox brass got a lot of flack for it. As the result, they started drafting higher ceiling guys that are willing to sign at slot or a little bit more than slot in first two rounds or so. Doesn't mean they are drafting the best talents available (Phegley over Scheppers? No wait, Phegley in supplemental round? Hello?), they are just fooling people into believing that their drafting philosophy has taken a 360 when in reality it's taken about a 180 turn.

Seriously, how many high round picks did we bust the slot big time on? Zero. Yes, we've busted the slots before but ultimately we barely went over the slots even in those cases, and we go overslot on marginal lower round picks (Upchurch comes to mind). I do like the fact we nabbed guys like Mitchell and Sale with our first picks but past those picks, we keep picking signable picks and let go better talents like Grimes. Of course, then again there is the ****ty job of developing prospects we do, but I digress.
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