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Originally Posted by russ99 View Post
I don't see the Sox being cheap here. 4th and 8th round picks shouldn't go for much more than slot, unless the Sox think they have a stud and go over just to sign them. If we were unwilling to go extra with a 1st, sandwich or 2nd rounder, then I could understand the accusation.

BTW - the Yankees went way over (4-5 times) slot for 2 later-round picks this weekend. That sets a really bad precedent.
Grimes was going to likely cost over slot no matter what. He has a GA Tech commit and a decent chance to improve his stock in college. This isn't news to the White Sox or anyone paying attention. If they weren't prepared to go over-slot they shouldn't pick Grimes with a 4th round pick. Also pointed out above, if a team isn't going to spend a single dime on international free agency, skimping on the draft is even more unforgivable. Punting on your 4th, 8th, and 11th round pick is stupid.

White Sox draft spending has been abysmal generally, no reason to think that this year things will be different.
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